RUBENIUS Capital acts as the primary vehicle in the funding and investment for all RUBENIUS activities and projects worldwide.


Depending upon the project and level of investment, we may invite strategic partners to invest alongside us.  We try to structure our investments so that we are aligned with all other parties to the transaction.

We welcome receiving proactive interest from financial institutions/investors.

Third Party Projects

RUBENIUS, through its Capital arm, gets involved as a principal investor, individually or as a syndicate member, on qualifying energy technology and water projects. While there are no strict qualifying rules of projects for a capital investment, there are some general guidelines that influence our priorities. Projects where RUBENIUS technologies play a prominent role are given the highest priority. However, each project is considered individually, based upon its own merits.

RUBENIUS investment interests include: clean energy generation, energy storage, energy efficiency, public lighting, advanced metering and Smart Grid applications. Our investment mandate does not require control of projects but depending upon the level of investment, we may expect to be actively involved in the projects as they are developed and operated.

Projects that do not qualify for direct funding from RUBENIUS Capital, may qualify for funding from our global network of financial organizations. Investment is considered at all levels of the capital structure including preferred and common equity, convertible debt, mezzanine debt and secured financing.

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