Working for RUBENIUS will provide you with a career like no other - when you work for us you are joining our single-minded mission of bringing clean water and green energy to everyone on the planet. Everything we do is geared towards realising this goal and an integral part of our work is finding the right people.

At RUBENIUS we’re not constrained by much and certainly not by geography. We search the globe using a variety of recruitment tools to seek out just the right talent with the right attitude, attributes and passion.

People who join our journey love working in an environment where every day brings new challenges and nothing but the best will do. If you’re captivated by the idea of working in a dynamic and innovative environment, with open management styles and tick the boxes below then you could be exactly what we’re looking for:

  • Desire to succeed
  • Open and caring
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Highly professional
  • Creative
  • Inventive
  • Loyal and a good team player
  • Dynamic and innovative
  • A high level of commitment 

As a first step please email us and tell us about yourself, your competencies, passions, dreams and goals. Then explain why you’re the perfect match for RUBENIUS.

We read every application and reply within three weeks of receiving it. If we don’t have any current openings that suit your skillset, and you agree, we’ll keep your application for up to 12 months on file for future opportunities.

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