RUBENIUS Off-Grid Solutions

RUBENIUS technologies and applications can bring state-of-the-art, fully managed utility services to communities or businesses outside the reach of the conventional power grid.

In developing markets such as Africa, South America and The Middle East, legacy utility infrastructure simply cannot keep up with the economic growth and increasing migration from rural to urban areas. The result is a huge utility imbalance, more and more people are leaving rural areas with poor utility infrastructure but in doing so inevitably increase pressure on the already overloaded metropolitan grids. The solution to this imbalance is to deploy purpose-built utility service systems operating independently of the national or regional grids.

The RUBENIUS Off-Grid solution makes sense for suburban housing re-location projects but even more so for rural areas earmarked for growth in sectors such as technology parks, economic free zones, agriculture or mineral exploration.

Do not wait for the conventional power grid to arrive when RUBENIUS can bring sustainable, fully managed utility services to the edge – quickly and efficiently.

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