RUBENIUS Incubator

RUBENIUS Greentech Incubator (RGI) invests in extraordinary entrepreneurs, inventors and innovators, who can fascinate us with a unique idea. We are interested in opportunistic, never-seen-before products, methods, concepts and solutions. We are looking for outstanding propositions that can surprise us with their exceptional, unusual and unexpected features.

For the Graduate Students

1) If you are about to graduate from a first class university as a graduate or postgraduate student in a developing country

2) If your dream is to become an entrepreneur and establish your own business in the Greentech industry – or just to further develop your great invention

3) If you have an exceptional business idea or an exceptional invention within Greentech:

  • Large scale energy storage
  • Off-grid utility systems
  • Water desalination
  • Smart grid for energy and water
  • Energy efficiency

4) If you need external funding, enabling tools, training, mentoring or infrastructure to get your business or your invention off the ground, then email

For the Funding Partner

RUBENIUS Greentech Incubator thrives from engaging in energetic and extremely bright young people full of energy and enthusiasm. Their brain capital and visions for the future with groundbreaking technologies creates the engine of intellectual property that is RGI’s focus as the investment vehicle and incubator that will see the young innovative people bring the next great invention to life.

Majority of incubator facilitated graduates succeed with their businesses and RGI wants to support this success rate by creating a gateway of opportunities for developing nations’ large and growing population of entrepreneurs. Partnering with RGI and its strategically positioned advisory group of seasoned professionals brings you closer to the action – the incubating and infusion of great ideas right from conception or early stage. 

We operate solely within the Greentech industry with particular focus on energy efficiency, transmission and storage, off-grid utility systems as well as water efficiency and desalination solutions and urban farming.

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