Utility Efficiency

RUBENIUS solutions enable government and municipal clients to achieve optimal technical and resource efficiency using our Smart Grid utility intelligence. 

This is accomplished through:

  • Specific KPI’s around reducing the cost of distributing scarce resources and accounting for losses.  
  • Mandates and protocols to achieve desired CO2 emission levels for a greener environment.
  • Many projects when utilizing our solutions may be eligible on further validation for carbon credits, which can then be monetized.

For utilities and larger businesses, RUBENIUS solutions incorporate Smart Grid technologies into dynamically managed resource networks.

  • Corporate responsibility is increasingly driven by investor demand.  By employing energy efficient technologies that reduce the carbon footprint, investors are satisfied and the environment has gained a worthy steward. 
  • RUBENIUS enables utilities and larger businesses to achieve technical and non technical loss KPIs as well as reducing operating and maintenance costs. 
  • Our Smart Grid solutions enable real-time dynamic monitoring and management of all network assets; illuminating blind spots and faults, which can be repaired quickly and economically.